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What happens if an animal drinks the water?


Biotraps are sprayed with Permethrin on the inside of the pot. Due to the hydrophobic nature of Permethrin, very little insecticide is in the water. The trap works only when the female Aedes mosquito lands on the inside of the pot.


What do I do with Biotraps after they break down?


Biotraps can be left to decompose or collected and disposed of in your trash bin.



What happens if it rains? Will they work in the rain?


Biotraps have a hole near the top that prevents overfilling, and since the insecticide is coated on the inside of the trap, it will not diminish its effect. Biotraps have been tested in tropical areas, specifically during the rainy season, and still remain effective.


Will it kill other insects? 


Biotraps are specifically designed to attract female Aedes mosquitoes. 


What happens if the water evaporates?


Biotraps can be refilled with water until they leak, for up to one month.

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Available globally, let us help you bring Biotraps to your area. We hope to establish partnerships with government and social agencies to assist in combating the spread of mosquito borne illnesses.

By increasing response speed to outbreaks and reducing the cost to manage mosquito populations we strive to increase the funding for vaccine research and pursuit of an absolute cure.


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